The responsible use of resources, good working conditions along the supply chain and many other factors determine how we live together. Together with our partners, we are working on concepts and solutions to make our products and their production even fairer and more environmentally sustainable.

We concentrate on as few partners as possible, with whom we work together in a long-term partnership. This increases the transparency and ensures consistently high quality for our customers. Around 85% of our purchasing volume is from our 10 largest textile suppliers. Together with these partners we work intensively on a sustainable structure of our supply chain.

For us it is important to maintain long-term and close relationships with our partners. With some of our most strategically important partners we have been working for more than 10 years. All partners are carefully selected and visited regularly. There are clear guidelines regarding the social and environmental standards that suppliers and products must meet. This is continuously monitored by external audits and certificates.

To increase the transparency of our supply chain, we participate in the Textile Partnership's aggregated supplier list on the Open Supply Hub platform.

You can find an overview of our most important purchasing countries in the following diagram: